SubFire 3 Controller
A full-featured Client with playlist editing and support for ratings.

SubFire 3 Controller is a new fully-featured "Desktop" client web application, that can be run from the browser or 'installed' as a Progressive Web App on Chrome browsers that support the feature (Windows and Chromebook for now, MacOS available by turning on a flag). When complete, it will have all the browsing features of the mobile apps, a layout with a 'footer' player similar to the official Subsonic page, the ability to edit playlists, and the ability to star and rate (1-5) songs.

Future enhancements might include support for browsing online repositories for searching for Internet Radio stations through online databases, and a new drag-n-drop interface for creating SubFire Radio stations.

This will be the first major app written using a new SubFire 3 baseline, still based in React and Material-UI but using some of the newer Features and coding patterns that weren't available 2 years ago when SubFire 2 started.