SubFire Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy.

SubFire and JWSDev.NET Privacy Policy

The developer of SubFire, Joseph Shelby, respects the privacy and security of all of the users of his applications and visitors to his web pages.

The products in the SubFire suite and the SubFire and web sites will not make any attempts to harvest emails from your Subsonic accounts for a mailing list or to sell to advertisers. You will not receive any emails from me except in reply to direct requests or though the automated systems of the discussion forum software or product support software (Hesk).

All of my communications directed to my users will be through messages in the apps (rarely), my web sites, the app stores where SubFire products are listed (currently Amazon and Google Chrome Web Store), and the Subsonic forums.

SubFire products will not 'mine' or cache subsonic login information in any way other than local storage in your own browser or device, except for the credentials exchange mechanism of the 2.0 apps (which will discard the encrypted data as soon as the connection is established or after a timeout). The details of that will be described in a separate page when they have been made public.

SubFire products are free and do not include advertisements, targeted or otherwise. I have no plans to change that in the foreseeable future.

Bug reports and feature requests submitted to will remain private. I will not reveal the names, email addresses, or any details of users who submit reports through that service to any other system.

Feedback on web stores will be carefully considered, but I will not attempt to harvest those comments for user account information.

I will create a 'Credits' page where the generous artists who have freely licensed their music for the demo login can be found, as well as pointers to some of the javascript and css libraries I am using, but that is the extent of the advertisements you will see.