SubFire 2 Dash
The Auto-Friendly Subsonic Client

SubFire 2 Dash (for Dashboard) is a client intended for using on your phone when fixed in Landscape mode, such as when you have it on your dashboard while you are driving. It attempts to replicate the Android Auto interface fairly closely.

Login can be done using a standard login screen, or through automatic authorization from any of the other SubFire 2 applications except TV and Quick. Currently, the browsing features include SubFire Radio stations, Playlists, Albums, Artist-Albums (ID3), Directories, Bookmarks, and Podcasts. Dash can act as a sender or a receiver using the new remote control feature. Like all SubFire 2 applications, this client is fully touch-screen capable on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. At any time you can tap the clock in the upper-right to toggle a 'day' vs 'night' mode, dimming the background should it get too bright.

As an easter egg, there is a way to play Muppet Central Radio (my fav online station) within the app. I do intend to complete Internet Radio support in the future.

SubFire 2 Dash is not an actual Android Auto compatible app. If you want a Subsonic client that is fully integrated with Android Auto, I strongly recommended DSub, and I do use that myself for long trips where I need better caching support when in 'dead' network areas.

URL Description
Secure/PWA A fully secure Progressive Web App , but requires your own server to be https secure as well.
Normal A web application that can work with any server setup.


It is currently being implemented with React and Material-UI.