SubFire 2 Timer
A simple 2-minute (and then some) toothbrush timer

SubFire 2 Timer is a simple app for using as a toothbrush timer. It can continue to run on an extended time after the toothbrush time for other uses. (In my case, the timer is the limit for my kid to get dressed into her day clothes or pj's.)

Start by picking a playlist, then choosing to repeat one song or keep playing. Then pick the length of time for brushing (2,3,4, or no timer), and the length of time after (no additional time except finishing the song, or 5 minutes with option to finish what song is playing). Tap the song, and off it goes, showing 2 spinning dials to indicate the remaining time.

Login can be done using a standard login screen, or through automatic authorization from any of the other SubFire 2 applications except TV and Quick. Like all SubFire 2 applications, this client is fully touch-screen capable on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Yes, perhaps, this is a rather silly little app, but it works, and my kid has looked forward to it and to hearing her latest favorite music on it every morning and night for 2 years. If anything, this proves the need for more Progressive Web Apps and how that deployment method is better suited for apps with a limited audience that aren't worth the amount of work it takes to deploy it in a web store, especially for free apps.

URL Description
Secure/PWA A fully secure Progressive Web App , but requires your own server to be https secure as well.
Normal A web application that can work with any server setup.


It is currently being implemented with React and Material-UI.