SubFire 3 Mobile
The Mobile-Friendly Subsonic Client

SubFire 3 Mobile is the principle client intended for phone in Portrait and Landscape mode. It is a work in progress.

Login can be done using a standard login screen, or through automatic authorization from any of the other SubFire 2 and 3 applications except TV and Quick. Currently, the browsing features include SubFire Radio stations, Playlists, Albums, Artist-Albums (ID3), Directories, Bookmarks, and Podcasts.

Active development continues to reach feature parity with the SubFire 2 Mobile and SubFire 2 Dash players. The framework is a total rewrite away from SubFire 2 Base, implemented using modern React 'hooks' techniques.

URL Description
Secure/PWA A fully secure Progressive Web App , but requires your own server to be https secure as well.
Normal A web application that can work with any server setup.

It is currently being implemented with React and Material-UI.