SubFire 3 Playlist Editor
A full-featured Client with playlist editing and support for ratings.

SubFire 3 Playlist Editor is a new fully-featured "Desktop" client web application, that can be run from the browser or 'installed' as a Progressive Web App on Chrome browsers. The interface is a type of 'kanban' board, similar to trello, where you can control your play queue and edit your playlists and stations through simple drag-and-drop operations across teh columns. An unusual but practical interface for the purpose.

Future enhancements might include support for browsing online repositories for searching for Internet Radio stations through online databases.

This will be the first major app written using a new SubFire 3 baseline, still based in React and Material-UI but using some of the newer features and coding patterns that weren't available 2 years ago when SubFire 2 started.

URL Description
Secure/PWA A fully secure Progressive Web App , but requires your own server to be https secure as well.
Normal A web application that can work with any server setup.

It is currently being implemented with React and Material-UI.