SubFire Mobile
A Full-featured Progressive Web Player

SubFire Mobile is a full-featured progressive web app (PWA) for modern browsers. It is 'installed' onto your Android, Windows, or Chromebook device by simply saving it to your desktop or home screen in Chrome. Once saved on your Android device, opening it will launch it full-screen, and it uses the new media player API so you can play/pause, next, and prev from the notifications pull-down.

In addition, it can be launched easily from Chrome for desktops using this extension. I do plan to port the extension to Firefox, and continue to wait for Firefox to fully support the PWA manifest on mobile in order to fully test it.

As with the first player, it provides support for playlists, album queries, folder browsing, artist browsing (using ID3 tags), internet radio, and SubFire Radio. It is also the first SubFire app to support audio podcasts.

It is implemented with React.js and Material-ui 0.20. This product is retired in favor of SubFire 2 Mobile.