SubFire Player 1
A full-featured Subsonic client for FireTV, Fire Tablets, Chromebooks, and the Web

The original SubFire Player is a full-featured client for multiple platforms. It provides support for playlists, album queries, folder browsing, artist browsing (using ID3 tags), internet radio, and SubFire Radio. Designed for portability, it is available on a variety of platforms.

Platform Devices
Amazon FireTV, Fire Stick, and most Fire Tablets
Chrome Available as an app for Chromebook (no longer on other platforms)
Web Can be run as a standard web app in most browsers
Mobile Web Has a PWA manifest that will allow it to be added to your desktop for full-screen support

I have been able to package it as an apk for Android and as an Electron desktop app for OSX, though there hasn't been enough demand to release those to the public.

On TVs and landscape orientation, it has the ability to show a clock, and to show artist and album information from if it is available.

It is implemented in JQueryMobile, first with an edited themeroller theme, but the latest version uses NativeDroid2 to produce a more Material Design style. This product will soon be formally retired in favor of SubFire 2 TV, or a hybrid app that combines the TV and Mobile players.